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, and they will help create a future in which the central bond in our lives are not government rules, but the law and the loyalty we have for one another. >> the united states patent and trademark office is one of the few federal agencies that is actually designated to exist in the constitution. patents and trademarks are a fairly modern invention. the first patents were actually royal grant given to inventors for monopolies on their inventions. they were popular in england and continental europe, but the constitution takes it one step further. this is for useful inventions, and from the beginning move ty was a key aspect of the patent offices role. you will notice that everyone of the molds have a little tag with it. in each of the tags is tied on by a piece of red ribbon. this little piece of red ribbon is one of the supposedly originations of the phrase red tape. government red tape. it is hard to tell. this was originally red ribbon that each one of these was tied on. it was not until the tag was tied on and the patents what approved that would you cut through all the red tape. originally, pa
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1